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Deep Fill Sandwich Wedges Kraft

Deep Fill Sandwich Wedges Kraft

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50 - 500

Additional Information

  • Optimum product protection for two deep-filled sandwiches (rear-loading)
  • Environmentally friendly range of disposable packaging
  • Attractive presentation
  • Product delivered flat.
  • Dimensions: 123 x 72 x 123 mm
  • Box Quantity: 500 & 50
  • Materials: Base material: Paperboard, kraft | Window: PLA, transparent

The triangular ‚˜ST11/2 Rear Loading Sandwich Pack, kraft‚ is made of recycled paperboard. The paperboard material is also recyclablebiodegradable and compostable (within 16 weeks). The window (PLA) is compostable.

The pack can be filled easily and quickly through the rear opening with two deep-filled sandwiches. The two sandwich triangles and their filling can be easily viewed through the clear window and are tastefully and attractively presented in the packaging.


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